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 About Us 

Our history

Shri Himmatlal Goradia, Founder

Our humble beginnings come from all the way back in 1962. Mr. Himmatlal Goradia founded BMSS Steel, with a simple dream of fulfilling India's increasing steel demands that had come with the country's rapid industrial development. By 1996, Mr. Goradia and his sons had expanded the business by developing a full-fledged open die forging and steel manufacturing company. Today, in order to give our 200+ clients the best service, we have further expanded to include multiple warehouses and a 10000 sq. ft. service center with modern infrastructure.

When you choose to work with BMSS Steel, you choose to work with...

An experienced, qualified team which will understand your work, and guide you to steel specifications that best suit your needs.

A company dedicated to providing quality steel and outstanding service to its clients, each and every time.

Leadership that keeps striving to develop and expand the company in order to give their clients a better experience.

Our work

BMSS Steel Industries Pvt. Ltd. is a leading supplier of a wide range of specialty steel. Our steel is developed by Goradia Special Steels Ltd. This allows us to offer our clients complete accountability, better service, and exceptional pricing. The manufacturing facility is comprehensively certified and accredited. The refining and forging technologies adopted at GSSL allow us to guarantee you remarkable quality, micro-clean steel, which has better product life. Our well defined Quality Management Systems and stringent testing services ensure that you get the exact steel you asked for.

We strive to take absolute, complete care of your steel needs, so that you can work on your business instead of worrying about your steel...



Our experienced professionals can help you figure out the grade, shape, and treatment for your steel that best suits your application.


Best Quality

With our special manufacturing techniques and strict quality control, we guarantee steel of the highest quality.


Treatment Facilities

We can supply steel with heat treatment and surface treatment conditions best suited for your application.



We can provide your steel in the size and dimensions you require. This would save you time, energy, and labour costs.


Testing Services

Chemical analysis, Heat treatment, Ultrasonic test, Surface treatment, Size tolerance control


Fast Delivery

Our multiple warehouses and established transport infrastructure allow us to deliver your steel quickly.